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Exterior Softwashing

Exterior Softwashing

Lancashire Render Cleaning & Soft Washing provide a professional Softwashing service for rendered surfaces and buildings that use metal sheet cladding or engineered cladding boards. Both render and cladding will over time become dirty or discoloured in appearance, this is primarily caused by a build up of environmental impurities or biofilms, this leads to a build up of red, green or black deposits made up of algae or moss which are difficult to clean without specialists equipment and products.

We have worked closely with the major render manufacturers for over 20 years and our technicians are some of the most experienced in the region, we often work directly with the manufacturers to provide our softwashing service throughout Lancashire, Manchester, Cheshire and parts of North Yorkshire.

Industrial storage silos and vessels will also be subject to the same problems over time as cladding and become unsightly with stains and streaks, our specialist softwashing technique provides a perfect solution to these problems. Unlike other companies we always use low pressure on any washing systems to ensure no more damage is caused during the softwashing process.

The softwash cleaning technique breaks down in to two main parts, initially a cleaning solution is applied to the effected areas to remove the majority of the staining, this is them followed with our specialist biocide treatment that works naturally over time to reduce any remaining stains or discolouration. It is important to remember that our biocide treatment carries on working for weeks after application to remove any remaining stains gently without causing damage to the render

Our softwash service is usually combined with a render seal coating to complete the treatment, this ensures that the rendered surface can continue to ‘Breathe’ but any moisture is prevented from passing through. For more information on our render sealing service please click here.

We offer a no obligation site visit and quotation for our softwashing service and we are happy to provide a patch test to demonstrate the expected outcomes, for more info or to arrange an appointment please contact us

If you wish to know more about our specialist softwashing service please contact us via our website by clicking here alternatively you can contact us directly on 07929 010030 during normal office hours.

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