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Render Cleaning

Render Cleaning

Discoloured and unsightly render on your commercial or domestic building can lead to increasingly costly repairs or even replacement, Lancashire Render Cleaning & Soft washing can restore your rendered property to its former glory by removing existing red, green and black algae and resealing the render to prevent water ingress, the major cause of algae growth and discolouration.

Although Rendered Surfaces are sometimes described as maintenance free the reality is that over time environmental impurities or biofilm can build up and result in the red, green or black staining that you may sometimes see. This staining is cause by Algae and Moss and will become more visible over time.

Lancashire Render Cleaning & Soft Washing has over 20 years experience in the render market working closely with major manufacturers such as K Rend to provide a proven system to restore discoloured and stained render back to its original condition. We use a combination of a cleaning solution combined with a natural biocide that starts to work instantly but will also improve over time as the biocide works to kill off any algae and moss.

We provide a no obligation site visit and quotation service and we are happy to conduct a patch test on an area of the render to demonstrate the expected results of a full treatment.

From our base in Bolton we cover Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Cheshire and parts of North Yorkshire and have 100’s of satisfied customers from these areas. Our Render Cleaning service is available for residential and commercial properties.

If you have any issues with stained or discoloured render please contact us via our website by clicking here alternatively you can contact us directly on 07929 010030 during normal office hours.

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