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Render Repairs

Render Repairs

Render repairs require specialist knowledge, from assessing the existing damage right through to the techniques used to carry out the repair. Lancashire Render Cleaning & Soft Washing have over 20 years experience in the render industry, from working directly with the major manufacturers such as K Rend and Parex to completing 100’s of repairs all over the Northwest of the UK. Although rendered surfaces are hard-wearing as with any material facing the elements it can over time develop problems from small cracks to larger areas that need a repair.

Our render repair service is carried out by experienced technicians with a detailed understanding of the render market including the new range of coloured render. As with any of our repair we take great care to leave any building in a clean and tidy state making sure that any loose render that has been removed is collected and disposed of correctly. We always lay tarpaulins down on pathways and surrounding areas to ensure any debris can be disposed once the repair is finished. We regularly provide a colour match service with our repairs to coloured render. At the end of each day the building is left clean and tidy therefore ready for another productive day. Windows and doors are protected while hacking off old render with hard board or protective ridged plastic. While rendering, sticky polythene is used to protect windows and doors from splashes of render. All rubble/rubbish is bagged and removed. scaffolding is provided and we deal with our scaffolding company to erect and take down.

The main cause of cracks and missing render is water ingress that has been left unchecked for a period of time, the longer this continues the more costly the repair could be, with this in mind we recommend a render sealing to complete any of our render repairs, the sealant allows the rendered surface to ‘Breathe’ whilst maintaining a barrier to repel any water ingress. for more info on our render sealing service please click here

render repairs

If you have any issues with your render including fine cracks and missing render please contact us for a no obligation site visit and quotation, we provide professional and impartial advice regarding any render repair issue. You can contact us via our website by clicking here alternatively call us direct during normal office hours on 07929 010030.

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