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K Render Cleaning & Restoration Burnley & Rochdale

We are a rendering company with over 30 years in the building and property maintenance. K-rend specialists repair and cleaning

Specialist Render Cleaning & Restoration Burnley & Rochdale

Our specialist render cleaning teams in Rochdale and Burnley have over 30 years experience cleaning render and we’ve perfected a way to clean the exterior of your building without damaging the walls or render itself.

We render clean all commercial and residential builds from schools and hospitals to homes and factories and much more.

Whatever the render job in Burnley or Rochdale, we will clean it – smooth,rough, cement, lime or cladding.

Always the preferred render cleaners for blue chip companies in the area, we have a great reputation and will guarantee you a beautiful, gleaming render, at a great price and in no time at all.

A Thorough And Effective ‘Soft’ Render Cleaning System in Burnley

  • First off, we will come to your address and assess your building’s cleaning requirements (each one is different of course).
  • Then with our professional ‘soft’ cleaning systems, moss, algae and other organic matter will be cleaned away.
  • Using a very hot steam system, we will kill off spores, preventing future growth.
  • Varying pressures of steam are used to get your walls sparkling and brand new looking.
  • Other companies use harsh pressurised water – which penetrates walls and creates issues with cracking when the water expands.
  • Steam allows us to clean into even the hardest of places without damage.
  • There will be minimum disruption to your home or business.
  • Everything will dry up quickly and your walls will be as good as new.

We use Benz Softwash products the only UK company who sell a government approved, REACH compliant sodium hypochlorite product with full SDS (Benz Blackwash) we use this because of the strict guidelines commercial clients and architects have to adhere to, who must be very careful what chemicals they allow to be used or face legal consequences. It benefits our domestic clients too because it ensures there are no harmful chemicals being used on their property around family, pets, and children.

We offer free advice on all render cleaning matters, no matter how big or small, we guarantee we can help with any K Render cleaning and restoration problems you might have. Benz Softwash Ltd

Make your property look new again with stone and render cleaning, facade restoration

We have over 30 years experience working with landlords letting agents
Over 30 years in the coloured render business
Cladding cleaning and restoration
PVC cleaning and restoration
Aluminium cladding cleaning
Building cleaning and restoration
Office blocks and apartment blocks
All algae removal.. green, red, black mold and lichen
SoftWash cleaning systems
Pre-paint cleaning
Fully insured, CSCS CARD HOLDERS
Domestic and Comercial building cleaning shop fronts,  solar panels and factories.
Out of hours cleaning…

The removal of algae on render isn’t as straightforward as it seems. we cannot stress enough we are specialist in all types of render, not a cleaning company coming round to jet wash your exterior. We use a soft wash system proven to give the best results and protect your exterior for years to come.

Our system is to the highest of standards and we can assure you that it is the best and most effective method to keep your k render clean and restored. For more information please feel free to get in touch with us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Book a test sample and see for yourself how our soft wash works without the need for high pressure jet washing that can damage your thought Coloured rendered walls! Speak to the experts today.

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