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Render Cleaning & Softwashing Warrington

No Surrender to Dirty Render

K-Rend & Render Cleaning Warrington

Render has become very popular as an outside surface area on various buildings throughout Warrington. This is for a number of factors, consisting of the series of surfaces of smooth, textured, brick effect and more – readily available with render, which also does not require painting after application.

Nevertheless, in spite of common claims that render is “maintenance-free”, its exposed nature means that it can in fact gather dirt and raw material, such as moss or algae, as the years pass. Consequently, the render can discolour, becoming red, green and in some cases other shades of colours.

All the same, however, the worse-for-wear render ought to not undergo high-pressure washing, as this can damage the render. We have experts who can use professional items and equipment to apply the low-pressure soft washing your render requires.

We have seen the damage caused to clients property when they have employed cleaning contractors that don’t understand the techniques used to clean this delicate surface. The use of harsh chemicals in rapidly becoming commonplace in the industry, whilst these offer a “quick” fix the effects of damage caused last a lot longer.

Certified & Recommended K-render Cleaners

Whether you require a full clean of your building’s outside render or localised clean please do not hesitate to call us. We offer free no-obligation advice on all matters pertaining to the cleansing of render. We also can offer structured maintenance plans that when executed correctly will protect the render, reducing the expense of maintaining it.

If you wish to talk about the ways in which our render cleaning company can benefit your company or commercial home, please contact us and we will be happy to help. We will be happy to provide you a no-obligation quote or free guidance. You can also complete our form below, so please do not hesitate to call us.

Customer Testimonials

“Render was looking shabby after 5 years of exposure to the north west’s worse. Keven and team have brought it back to life and it looks as stunning as it was when it was first built. Excellent courteous professional and friendly service. Explained the process clearly and did exactly what we asked. Thanks guys – it looks great.”

Paul Mason

“Very professional service and great advice throughout the process.

Would highly recommend for render cleaning services. We’re really happy with the end result.”

Sue Summ – Warrington

Frequently asked questions about our Render Cleaning in Warrington

Why does soft washing keep stains away for longer?

This is because soft washing kills infections at the root through the use of gentle, pH neutral products. Our cleaning system helps in this task, as it allows us to minimise our use of chemicals in the cleaning process. The technology also makes milder agents more effective, enabling us to clean renders gently but thoroughly.

Can’t I just paint over the staining or discolouration?

Many people assume so, but you should keep in mind that it would be completely unnecessary. This is because red and green stains alike can be cleaned away entirely, without leaving any trace of their former existence. A well-cleaned render will preserve its colour, saving you from needing to find just the right hue of paint for re-painting work, which would not be as cost-effective as cleaning anyway.

Why is my render’s staining worse on certain sides of the building?

Those sides are likely to be the north and east sides, as these will not be exposed to quite as much natural sunshine as other sides. Green staining can be particularly prevalent on areas near water, as increased humidity can lead to more infections. The problem can be exacerbated as spores arrive from nearby large foliage like trees.

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Our Services

render repairs

Render Repairs

Despite it’s hardwearing nature, most render or cladding systems will experience some damage over time, from small cracks right through to missing render due to building work we can repair your render to a professional standard including colour matching and using a compatible or exact match as the original render applied to the building. For more information about our complete render repair service please click here

render cleaning lancashire

Render Cleaning

Discoloured and unsightly render on your commercial or domestic building can lead to increasingly costly repairs or even replacement, Lancashire Render Cleaning & Soft washing can restore your rendered property to its former glory by removing existing red, green and black algae and resealing the render to prevent water ingress, the major cause of algae growth and discolouration, for more information about our render cleaning service please click here

render sealing

Protective Coatings

Modern renders albeit hardwearing will overtime be subject to water ingress and the growth of biofilms from the atmosphere including unsightly red, green and black algae, as with most property maintenance prevention is always better than cure, modern rendering products like K-Rend should be maintained like any other part of your commercial or domestic building. For more information about our Render resealing service please click here

exterior softwashing

Exterior Softwashing

For commercial or domestic buildings that have a cladding system and even chemical and farm silos, we can remove all traces of algae and moss buildup using our specialists softwashing system, softwash as the term implies is a non destructive method of removing red algae, green algae, black algae and moss using a carefully balanced mix of cleaning and biocide products. For more information about our softwash cleaning system please click here

commercial building exterior cleaning

Commercial Buildings

We provide a full range of services for the cleaning, sealing and repair of rendered and cladded commercial buildings, from modern rendered appartments and offices right through to industrial buildings with metal cladding and even the occasional farm or chemical storage silo. For more information about our render and cladding cleaning and repair for commercial buildings please click here

domestic render cleaning

Domestic Buildings

The use of rendering products such as K-Rend on new build houses and apartments has never been higher, despite the hardwaring nature of these professional render products, they will, over time become subject to discolouration through the build up of algae and cracks due to water ingress. With over 20 years experience Lancashire Render Cleaning & Soft washing can restore your render to its former glory, for more infomation about domestic building services please click here

about us

About Lancashire Render Cleaning & Softwashing

With over 20 years experience in the exterior render, exterior coating and cladding industry, we know the common problems and how to restore your render to the highest of standards. We work closely with most of the major render manufacturers including K-Rend and often receive work directly from them to resolve problems with new  and nearly new developments. For more information please click here

our recent works

Recent Work Gallery

Please click here to see a selection of our recent work including before and after pictures which really provides a great example of the results we achieve.

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