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No Surrender to Dirty Render

K-Rend & Render Cleaning Wilmslow & Hale

We specialise in building and wall render cleaning services in Wilmslow and Hale, Manchester, including K-rend render cleaning. If your property’s render is beginning to look like an eyesore and has dirty stains and discolouration from the growth of algae and other organic matter then you have come to the right place. If you are seeking the best render cleaning company in then get in touch with us today. We specialise in the treating and cleaning of render and K-rend. Our staff are fully trained in the safe and effective cleaning of hard exterior surfaces.

Certified & Recommended K-render Cleaners

Our render cleaning reputation is second to none. We have the equipment, expertise and experience when it comes to cleaning the exterior of commercial and residential buildings, walls, render, K-rend and any other external hard surface you can think of. We are extremely proud of the reputation we have built up over the years throughout Wilmslow and the North West. Our customers often refer us to others and we keep a large percentage of repeat business.

Customer Testimonials

“Brilliant service! Very professional, knowledgable and friendly. Would highly recommend. Really pleased with the results. Thanks again”

Ashlea C

“Highly recommended. Fantastic job cleaning the render and repairing. Really professional service.

Lisa Sinacola

“Really professional nothing was to much trouble. Thanks again Kev.

Paul Taylor

“Excellent service, very professional & would highly recommend

Samantha Stephens 

Why Choose Our Render Cleaning Services?

Our render cleaning works are best suited to your wishes and our vast knowledge helps us to deliver unrivalled services. Our approach to working safely and ensuring satisfied customers is our priority and you can have full assurance you’re working with a quality and reputable company.

Fully Accredited: Our team members adhere to the latest health and safety guidelines and regulations at all times. 

We use only the best cleaning materials: Our team uses a range of the very best cleaning solutions on offer. We constantly research the best methods of cleaning materials and equipment.

Fully Insured: Our staff has full public liability cover and follows the local health and safety standards.


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Benefits of soft washing for render and cladding cleaning

Soft washing is a careful and effective process that is carried out by a trained expert and has several advantages for caring for the exterior of your building. Render cleaning done regularly, this will keep your property looking in top condition.

Removes biofilms for longer

For starters, the use of biocides means that the higher pressure isn’t needed to remove stains and that the stains stay away for longer. This is because the biofilms are destroyed at a molecular level, not just pushed away to return quickly!

The biocides also form a protective layer on surfaces that help keep them clear of biofilms for longer than without it. It also helps to prevent other associated problems as there is no foundation such as an area of mould, for them to work on.

By removing these biofilms, you can also help to keep other pests at bay. By having a clean outside environment, your property is less likely to attract pests like rats and mice.

No damage to the brickwork

Soft washing does not lead to the issue with potentially damaging brickwork or slabs that pressure washing systems do. Because it is much gentler and the biocide does the hard work, it is suitable to use on a wide range of materials.

It is also an excellent system for areas such as driveways and paths that are made from block paving – these are susceptible to be dislodged when washed at high pressure. It can even be used to clean fences and walls without concern about weakening them or dislodging them from their support systems.

Soft washing is an eco-friendly option

Modern biocides are created so that they do not damage the environment and are biodegradable. This means they destroy the stains at the source but do not harm the surrounding areas of the garden. So, you can have an effective cleaning solution without worrying about damaging plants or surrounding natural areas. Exterior wall cleaning & cladding cleaning

The best exterior cleaning solution

Soft washing is the best exterior solution for properties of all sizes and styles. It offers an eco-friendly and safe way to clean away troublesome organisms, has a long-lasting result and has no chance of damaging the property. That is why more and more people are turning to us to use this system to clean the exterior of their homes or businesses.

Our Services

render repairs

Render Repairs

Despite it’s hardwearing nature, most render or cladding systems will experience some damage over time, from small cracks right through to missing render due to building work we can repair your render to a professional standard including colour matching and using a compatible or exact match as the original render applied to the building. For more information about our complete render repair service please click here

render cleaning lancashire

Render Cleaning

Discoloured and unsightly render on your commercial or domestic building can lead to increasingly costly repairs or even replacement, Lancashire Render Cleaning & Soft washing can restore your rendered property to its former glory by removing existing red, green and black algae and resealing the render to prevent water ingress, the major cause of algae growth and discolouration, for more information about our render cleaning service please click here

render sealing

Protective Coatings

Modern renders albeit hardwearing will overtime be subject to water ingress and the growth of biofilms from the atmosphere including unsightly red, green and black algae, as with most property maintenance prevention is always better than cure, modern rendering products like K-Rend should be maintained like any other part of your commercial or domestic building. For more information about our Render resealing service please click here

exterior softwashing

Exterior Softwashing

For commercial or domestic buildings that have a cladding system and even chemical and farm silos, we can remove all traces of algae and moss buildup using our specialists softwashing system, softwash as the term implies is a non destructive method of removing red algae, green algae, black algae and moss using a carefully balanced mix of cleaning and biocide products. For more information about our softwash cleaning system please click here

commercial building exterior cleaning

Commercial Buildings

We provide a full range of services for the cleaning, sealing and repair of rendered and cladded commercial buildings, from modern rendered appartments and offices right through to industrial buildings with metal cladding and even the occasional farm or chemical storage silo. For more information about our render and cladding cleaning and repair for commercial buildings please click here

domestic render cleaning

Domestic Buildings

The use of rendering products such as K-Rend on new build houses and apartments has never been higher, despite the hardwaring nature of these professional render products, they will, over time become subject to discolouration through the build up of algae and cracks due to water ingress. With over 20 years experience Lancashire Render Cleaning & Soft washing can restore your render to its former glory, for more infomation about domestic building services please click here

about us

About Lancashire Render Cleaning & Softwashing

With over 20 years experience in the exterior render, exterior coating and cladding industry, we know the common problems and how to restore your render to the highest of standards. We work closely with most of the major render manufacturers including K-Rend and often receive work directly from them to resolve problems with new  and nearly new developments. For more information please click here

our recent works

Recent Work Gallery

Please click here to see a selection of our recent work including before and after pictures which really provides a great example of the results we achieve.

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